Monday, October 22, 2012

Last-Minute Halloween Head-to-Toe

Every year I find myself in a last-minute flurry to get everything together for Halloween. Per usual, I now have one week. From logging extra hours at the gym, to achieving the perfect spray tan, one week can seem impossible. Here is my guide for the last-minute Halloween fashionistas out there:

1. The Body - I don't care how skinny you are, if you're going to wear a tiny Tinkerbell costume, you need to get to the gym and tone up. Trust me, you're doing yourself a favor - if you don't feel good in your costume, you will end up feeling uncomfortable and hiding in a corner. Add an extra 25 minutes of cardio to your normal work-out rountine this week, bust out the crunches like you're Britney circa 2000, and get moving. This is also probably the only time of the year that I will watch my snack intake. And for what better reason than to motivate yourself to be healthy for the week. Hey, maybe it will stick (greater miracles have happened).

2. The Tan - The only thing worse than a flabby Tinkerbell, is a ghastly pale one. I realize some people may think pale skin is in, but facts are facts, and people look better tan. They just do. By now we all know UV exposure kills us, so don't do it. For the perfect (and healthy) glow, I head to Neihule in downtown LA for the full-body airbrush. They are currently offering a Yelp deal, making it a mere $40. Perfect timing. For those who don't work in downtown and refuse to leave the west side, I recommend Melrose Tanning Company for their airbrush or Mystic tan.

3. The Costume - This is always the most frustrating part. By now, every cute costume at your local Spirit has been picked over. You're left with the costumes no one liked, in the sizes no one would buy. Perfect. Because like any fashionista, you want to be original, and avoid the horror of running into someone on Halloween in the exact same pre-packaged costume. Think simple, yet chic. Pick a basic character: angel, devil, cat, fairy, flapper, etc. Nab the necessary accessories from a Halloween store, and pair with a basic, yet fab ensemble. The best part of this costume is that you can actually wear it after Halloween, instead of spending $100+ on something ill-fitting that gets stuffed into a dusty costume bin in the back of your closet. Chic, original, kind of costume.

I went with an Angel:
Dress: Asos ($79), Wing & Halo Set: Party City ($12.99), Stockings: Party City ($5.99), Shoes: Steve Madden ($149)

Spice it up with the Fallen Angel look pictured at top:
Dress: Asos ($31), Wings: Party City ($24.99), Stockings: Party City ($5.99), Shoes: Nordstrom ($109)


  1. Wow, love your costume choice! Also great price, and as you said, most of it will be wearable after Halloween! Now following you too :)

  2. Should you do calf raises at this time of year?? Haha

    Blog is looking stylish CC!

    1. Haha thanks "anonymous"!! Brian only you know of my secret calve obsession!!! (Obv been doing them double time this week).

  3. I LOVE those black angel wings :)
    Happy Wednesday